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Beatrice Florin

Beatrice Florin  Character Post 55

Beatrice Florin is a widow twice over. She is a pisky maid, a fairy
woman, but her second husband was human. She was fond of him, and she "lived human" for his sake. She was also fond of his elder sister Sibyl, whom she categorised as "a good woman". Beatrice herself is not a particularly good woman. As she says, piskies are not known for their altruism.  She is on reasonably good terms with Father Rory Inkersoll, whom she appreciates as a master manipulator like herself.
Beatrice is on the borderline between late middle-age and elderly, and when Sib, who lived next door and used to water her pot-plants when she went for a visit "home", went into a nursing home, Beatrice signed herself in as well, using a glamour and fake spectacles to look older than she was. 

She was a bit disconcerted at her own actions but somehow felt she owed Sib something. Knowing her sister-in-law had little time to live, she kept her company at the home until Sib's dementia became  advanced. At this point, Beatrice reverted to type. Still set on helping Sib, she manipulated visiting musicians into morally ambiguous territory. After this, she was surprised to find herself shaky. She came clean with a little quid pro quo and then, her self-imposed duty done, left the nursing home to (in her own words) shake up a few old pisky men.

Beatrice Florin appears in Sunshower . She plays a small but crucial part in the story.


Sally is Sally Odgers; author, anthologist and reader. She runs  Prints Charming Books. (Sally is me, by the way, and I am lots of other things too, but these are the relevant ones for now.)

The goal for 2017 was to write a post a day profiling the background behind one of my books; how it came to be written, what it's about, and any things of note that happened along the way. If you're an author, an aspiring author, a reader or just someone who enjoys windows into worlds, you might find this fun. The books are not in any special order, but will be assigned approximate dates, and pictures, where they exist. 2017 is now behind us, but I ran out of year before running out of books. As of February 18th 2018 I STILL haven't run out of books, but many of those still to come are MIA by which I mean I don't have copies and remember little about them. There are more new books to come, and I'll certainly showcase those, but in between times, I'm profiling some of my characters, just for a change. Thank you so much to everyone who's come along on this journey so far!

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