Friday, 28 December 2018


Character Post 73: Tarry

Tarry is a fay goat who belongs to Sebastian "Baz" d'Chevalier. That's the theory, anyway. Tarry probably has a different view of the matter.  Tarry is a mottled grey and white beast--a blue marle--with an aggressive beard and eyes of a peculiar shade normal goats don't have. He is somewhat shaggy, but appears healthy and hale. Most people seeing him would think he was four or five years old.
Tarry is always there when treats are being dispensed. He lives in a well-appointed paddock and stable with a dun horse named Hugo (see Character Post 72). Even if they don't appear to pay much attention to one another, each is always aware of where the other one is. This is because Tarry is Hugo's proxy; the constant in his life for when his master is away for even a short time. Tarry sleeps in the stable with Hugo, and on the rare occasions Baz is away from home, they travel in the same horsebox. Baz' wife Phillipa refers to Tarry as "The blessed billy-o" because, on the occasion of her wedding to Baz twenty-six years ago, the unconventional priest blessed Hugo and Tarry made it plain he was going to be blessed as well. Or else. Phillipa says he was "Best Goat" at the wedding, but with Phillipa it's difficult to tell exactly what she means.
No one puts a halter on Tarry. No one. Extremely curious, Tarry pokes his nose into everything, including an engine being serviced. He must be well over thirty years old. Goats don't live that long of course. No one had better mention that to Tarry. Now and again he enjoys a pleasant interlude with a doe, but he's always back on duty before Hugo even notices he's gone.

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