Friday, 21 December 2018

Henry Dark

Character Post 70: Henry Dark

Henry Dark was the third and youngest in his family. His sister Vivienne was the eldest, then came his brother Chas and finally, Henry. 

Henry was of average height, with dark hair and a beard. He wore heavy glasses and, in his own words, "I work with numbers. Now and then I haul ailing companies out of their self-dug pits and shame them into success.”

Viv's friend Sarah, who is the mother of Chas' son, reckons he's "on the spectrum" but Chas and Henry himself don't see it that way. As Henry tells his new friend Gemma during a "getting to know you" date, he's short on social filters. He also has a two-track mind so he never forgets things and he can hold a conversation while doing something that would usually take a lot of mental effort. 

Despite his slightly odd personality and not-so-striking appearance, Henry is very good indeed at getting what he wants. He does it by making people want to give it to him.  He doesn't lie and he is utterly reliable. He is the go-to person for his nephew when he needs a grown-up who isn't a parent.

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