Saturday, 22 December 2018

Colliding Worlds: Jedket's Harp

Colliding Worlds 1: Jedket's Harp

I love to play with colliding worlds. It sounds violent, but it's just another name for networlds. I write quite a lot of stories in different series, genres and at different levels. Sometimes, just for fun, I let my worlds collide.
Jedket's Harp is one example. In a work in progress, Jordana Dane is a singer who also plays the harp. One of the solo pieces she does at a festival is called Jedket's Harp. In a story called Lilly of Mirryam, young Lilliandra has a friend named Jedket, who shows her the rare crystal formation called an elf harp.
So, Jordy must have read Lilly of Mirryam...
Probably not one reader in five hundred would have picked up that allusion. But now you know!

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