Friday 14 December 2018

I Promise

I Promise
I Promise, published today, is a Christmas novella. Promise Grene and Valentine Caffrey first met when they were children. They played at skipping stones across the river, but since they were on opposite sides they never got to have a conversation. Instead, they made do with scratching messages on flat river stones.
Promise was called away to her family picnic and when she returned to the river, Valentine had gone. 
They met again eighteen years later, when Promise's brother married his sweetheart. Promise wasn't going to the wedding, but her cousin Corin kidnapped her in Paris.
Stuck in a family that had moved on from her, Prom made one last ditch effort to find her red-haired boy.
I Promise is a comedy romance, but it's also about family, and the different faces of love. I had fun with tinsel, holly, and an unusual Christmas Tree. 
Like all the titles in this series, I Promise is a feelgood romance, suited to readers of 18+. You can check it out,read an excerpt or buy it at THIS LINK.

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