Monday 31 December 2018

Jordana and—

Jordana and—

Another band...this time a band of necessity...I invented for my w.i.p. is Jordana and—. The in-story reason for this is that Jordana Dane and Court Leopold together form the band Courtesan. They are booked to play for the ten day Counterpoint festival, but Court disappears in the early hours of Day 2. Jordana, her sister Gemma and husband Chess think Court must be tied up with family business, so they don't report his disappearance. However, that leaves the problem of Courtesan. 
On the first gig without Court, Gemma's new friend Josefa gets two dancers to join Jordana. She is announced as Jordana and Timbre and Amalie. The next time the duo Sunshower join her, and they're billed as Jordana and Sunshower. Next comes a tenor... hence Jordana and Dai.
This continues, with the word spreading among the other bands and performers. The band-of-necessity becomes known as Jordana and— with the blank being filled in by whoever volunteers for that gig.
So why not? I've noticed people in the book business are helpful to one another, so why shouldn't this extend to musicians?

On this friendly note - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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