Saturday, 1 December 2018

Research for the WIP

Research for the W.I.P., on and offline

The work in progress is growing. Research in the last few days includes:
One tansy leaf picked, sniffed and photographed... because my heroine smells of tansy.
A search of famous horse paintings, because my cloud-stepper does a hock-defying stop, and I half-remember a picture (or a sculpture) with just that pose.
Research into growing tea
a sashay into lutes... and the definition of a clarion
Lute music
A check of antique rings
French translations of some words
A look at Norman names
A spot check of artemisia and the latin name for tansy
A virtual piano keyboard to check out the sound in my head
The pedigree of cambric and calico
...and that's only in the past few days.

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