Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Lark's People

Baggage Handling Post 5: Lark's People

The farther one goes in a series, the more complicated the baggage handling gets. The Fairy in the Bed series now comprises around twenty novels, novellas and novelettes. The stories stand alone, but characters do reappear from time to time. My running baggage list, the file called Lark's People, comprises character names and relationships, some dates, places, concepts and other odds and ends. As of December 2018, this file runs to over 16000 words. It may seem excessive to add an absentee's father's wife, her ex-husband and her three adult children to the list, but when I mention these three are known to the hero as Marie Antoinette, The Cavalier and The Musketeer and that he has no idea of the connection until the last reel of the story you may see why I need baggage handling to keep them straight.

You can see a much-abbreviated list at https://larksinger.weebly.com/larks-people.html but I assure you the real one is a lot longer!

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