Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Jordana Dane

Character Post 71: Jordana Dane

Jordana Dane is a singer with the serene good looks of a painted madonna and an unexpected alto voice. She is a gifted musician and dancer, and plays the harp and the flute. 
Jordy has a university degree, "not in music" as her sister puts it. While gaining this degree she shared a flat with her younger sister, Gemma Creed, in a student house owned by their parents. 
On finishing her degree, Jordana turned to her first love, music. To her parents' distress, she decided to try going pro. With this in mind, she went to a studio called Indichord run by a young man named Chess Dane. She took Gemma with her for moral support, but at first sight of Chess she was so smitten Gemma left them to it.
Jordy soon moved in with Chess and married him within months of their first meeting. Her parents were not pleased, especially when Gemma took her sister's side over her desire for a small wedding.
With Chess' support, Jordy released an album called Iris and did reasonably well on the club and festival circuit.
In temperament, Jordana is easy-going and calm. She has no nerves to speak of and interacts well with fans and other musicians. Her only Achilles' heel is Chess. She refuses to be apart from him for any length of time, claiming it makes her "woeful". Since Chess feels the same way this isn't much of a problem.
Two years after their marriage, Gemma met Court Leopold who, like Jordana, is good-looking, and has singing, musical and dancing talent. He is a tenor and Gemma introduced him to her sister and Chess. He and Jordana are a natural match on-stage and before long they are performing as Courtesan, a duo with a larger fan-base than Jordana has on her own. Naturally, their on-stage chemistry leads to fans believing they're a couple, but the attraction is nothing more than stage love as Gemma puts it an they shed it when the music stops. Three years after Courtesan was formed, Court Leopold disappeared from a festival, leaving the band's future in doubt. By then Jordana and Chess were expecting their first baby, so Gemma speculated Jordana mightn't have wanted to continue touring in any case.

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