Wednesday 23 May 2018

Edsen Balm

Edsen Balm   Character Post 62

Edsen Balm is the son of Eduard and Carolina; one of the two communications specialist couples aboard the star ship Elysian Dawn. Edsen is an only child. His parents are both cool, practical and reserved, and have always treated their son as a mini adult. This makes him something of a misfit. At fifteen he has a stocky build, over-long hair that flops in his eyes, and a broad face with a pugnacious chin. He thinks a lot, and, in the absence of much information about the star ship and the world they left behind, he spends a lot of time developing theories.

The nearest things Edsen has to friends are Marianne Arcadia and her fiance Jeremiah Rain. They are tolerant of his presence but as Jeremiah says, "If we’d given him any encouragement, young Ed would have tagged along. Haven’t you noticed how often he happens to appear wherever you are?”
Edsen would love someone to put him first, to take him seriously and to seek his company, but he knows that's unlikely to happen for a while yet. His parents are training him to manage the basic communications portal of the ship, and he expects to take over from them in the distant future.

When disaster strikes Elysian Dawn, Edsen is swept up with the others, but finds some compensation when he teams up with Marianne and Jeremiah to undertake the ship census. Unexpectedly, he discovers his underused talents are now needed. The future he gets is not what he ever expected, but he is doggedly determined to make the most of anything on offer.

Edsen Balm appears in Elysian Dawn, The Silvering and New Dreams.  You can read more about the series at the Elydian Dawn website here.

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