Sunday 14 April 2019

Court in Between

Court in Between is the first book in a miniseries about what happens when Court Leopold, indie musician, vanishes from the Counterpoint music festival on the eve of his 25th birthday.

I had a wonderful time with this three-book series, because I was able to combine so many of my favourite writing themes. There's fantasy, romance, family secrets, world building, culture building, music, singing, horses, costumes, one of a kind instruments and jewellery, food, herbs, artwork and a lot of fun.

As the blurb put it;
A man with a horse…and a fairy in the bed.
Court Leopold loves his life. He’s happily single and tours the country as one half of the indie band Courtesan. On the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday, his mother gives him a gold fief ring and says there’s a horse and a birthright to claim. Court expects to fit this duty between gigs, but once he meets Artemisia and his keeper, the hob maid Tansy Thrift, all bets are off. Is Court’s perfect life gone forever?
What I love about writing this series is that I can create a continuing world, and add to it as characters walk in and out of one another's stories. In the Counterpoint miniseries, of which Court in Between is the first title, the major characters are all making their first appearance. They reappear in Counterpoint Questions and Counterpoint Answers

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