Saturday, 20 April 2019

Mab and the Rabbit

I was going to do a 7/7 for my Easter romance, Horizontal Bunnyhopper, but when I checked I realised it doesn't have chapters. OK, thinks I. Let's go 7/7 for the line on Page 7. I checked that and discovered one word: Reception.

Pause. I read down the page a little and remembered how funny that story is. So, here's a tiny scene that includes that line. To put it in context, Mab O'Mara is enjoying her Easter birthday at a mystery weekend in a guesthouse courtesy of her sister Bess. She has just discovered a live rabbit in her bedroom and is telling Bess about it on the phone...

 “Maybe it’s a hotel mascot?” Bess suggested.
 Mab said, “I’ve heard of hotel cats and hotel dogs, but a rabbit? In the attic?”
“You’d better call Reception,” said Bess.
 “I’ll do that. Thanks for the presents.”
“Any time.”
Mab hung up the call and dialled nine.
“There’s a rabbit in my room,” said Mab.
Not wanting a rerun of the conversation with Bess, Mab said, “It’s a live rabbit, auburn-coloured, not wild. I think it got in when room service came, and now it’s under the bed.”
“I see.” Reception sounded thoughtful. “Is he bothering you?”
“Not really, but I don’t suppose you want rabbit droppings all over the soft furnishings.”
“He won’t do that. By the way, did you talk to Derry about the battery?”
“I never saw him. He tapped on the door and by the time I got it open he’d gone. I brought the tray in and that’s when I spotted the rabbit. Do you want me to catch it and bring it downstairs?”
“Derry will deal with it, Ms—”
“Call me Mab,” she said. “As in the fairy queen.”
“Wasn’t that Titania?”
“Mother couldn’t spell Titania.” It was a family joke, but it fell flat with Reception.
“Derry will deal with the rabbit.”
             “Okay,” said Mab. She put down the phone and slowly banged her head against the headboard. Reception was no help. She was down the rabbit hole with a vengeance.

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