Wednesday 24 April 2019

Glossary Terms- A

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the entries as of April; 2019

A Little Bit Pisky Louise Hardy’s mail order herb business. Mentioned in the Counterpoint Questions and Counterpoint Answers

an t-slighe gaisgeil – the hero road between Heather and Bodhran islands. Passable only at low tide. A frightening causeway of black rock studded on the Heather end by bits of the purple quartz known as heather gems. Betony crosses it with the highlander in Betony Buys Adventure

Alpenfolk / alpenfee, fay from the alps area. Martina Bless is one. The women are m├Ądchens and the men are tals. They are a practical people, inventive and cheerful. Some of them have the sight.

The Alpen-meadow A hillside over there where Tab takes Josefa in Sam and the Sylvan and Sunshower. He has been growing apple trees for eight years. As of 2019 the couple have a cabin there.  Ryl Merriweather tells Gemma about it in Counterpoint Questions

Alpenkuchen chocolate cake with white icing – served at Fee Kaffee

Appledore The large Victorian town where Flori lives and works in Floribunda and the Best Men. Her shop, BB Blossoms, is in the mall there. The Cats' Pyjamas club where Calypso Lindon dances is there. Deek Caffrey lives there in Calico Calypso and is probably still there with his wife Shari as of I Promise

Arcadian Dream- A ballet at the Patterdale Counterpoint Festival starring Tim Merriweather and Amalie de Courcey

Arcadian Quartz- clear and blue crystals found on Arcadia Island

Arcadia An island in the Star Pin archipelago. The second island Betony visits in Betony Buys Adventure. It has herds of fay goats, olive groves, orange groves, a glorious beach and caves.

… An island in the Star Pin archipelago. A beautiful tropical island with white sand which is the gateway to Stag St. Martin. It has pristine beaches with large outcrops of dark rock and orange pebbles known locally as sons of the sea. These are common on Arrival, but not found elsewhere. Arrival is the over there side of the Stag Stone gateway. The first island Betony visits in Betony Buys Adventure

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