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Glossary - F

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the entries as of April; 2019


4Ts-Quad Band composed of the four Merriweather boys, whose names all begin with T

Face-to-face A computer programme like Skype where people with accounts can use video chat in real time. Honey Cottman uses it to talk to her mother, Skye, when she’s over here. She also talks to Mab O’Mara and Derry Warrener. Maura Dervla says she has a face-to-face account when talking to Betony Field on Mermaid.

Fair Wind Fleet: plies around the Star Pin. The five ships include Chimera Sail petal pink/white, Unicorn,  Sail butter yellow/white, Basilisk Sail sage green/white Firedrake, flame/white, Mermaid Sail Sky blue/white. Mermaid is mastered by Tor Chancery

Fairy or Fay... What it says on the tin. Fairy is the basic term, with subheadings and some unique offshoots

Fairy rings quilt. A quilt pattern with interlocking rings. Iris Cottman made some for her son Hob

The Falls Pool. A clear deep pool at the base of the falls. The waterfolk Poll, Niss, Plie and Hector live close by. Hob and Honey swim there. This is probably also the pool where Skye and Si swam on their honeymoon. Honey and the Harvest Hob and Pen and Ink

The Falls Another waterfall where Si and Joe met up with Janus, Tia, Sha and Mari Wish-Match

Fay goats Goats from over there. Ryl remarks her grandfather Peter P might run fay goats in the copse if no one prevents him. Tarry is one. They also live on Arcadia Island

Fee Kaffee, a coffee shop run by Martina Bless in 2017. One of the venues of the Counterpoint festival


Five Ships Carol a fay carol including a dance part. Suzette Skipton sings it in Under the Christmas Tree

The Five Ships A mysterious fleet of five ships that rounds the chalk cliffs occasionally on Christmas Eve. Also known as the Fair Wind Fleet

Fimble Road  Where the Gateway Cottage is in Pisky Business and Counterpoint. The road is narrow, rough and overhung by trees. It ends at the top of a hill…if you’re sensible. If you drive down the slope your car will cease to work.

Fiddle Town  A leprechaun village over there where the colleens keep a bull.

Flannigan House Boutique Hotel is a quaint boutique hotel run by Hal and Ruth Warrener. It is a Vouch-Safe property. Derry Warrener, Hal’s brother, works as Room Service. The hotel is in a quiet town, and has an attic room where Mab O’Mara spends her Easter birthday mystery break. Horizontal Bunny Hop and Man Overboard and mentioned in Honey and the Harvest Hob. By Betony Buys Adventure Derry and his wife have ceased to live there full time.

Flowdown: a music streaming service Courtesan use

Fly-me points; A loyalty points system some people use for buying flights. In Counterpoint Questions, Gemma opines that Henry must rack up a lot of fly-me points.,


Following the Drum…Courtesan song from their first album

Forever A term used by some fay to denote their lover/spouse/wish-match

Forever. Dance studio at the Peckerdale Grene Community Tower, run by Hamish McTavish and Gervais St Clair. Amalie de Courcy, Richenda Pendennis and Timbre Merriweather go there. Corin Peckerdale partners Richenda.

Frances’s terrace house. A 2-across, 3-down terrace Frances Eckmann inherited from her grandmother, Gilly Echo, in Glebe, Sydney. Frances lives there with Niall Le Fay and their cats, Cherry and Pie. Kendra meets Piers Le Fay there while cat-sitting for Frances. Appears in Fairy on the Christmas Tree and Hot Summer Knight and Tied up in Tinsel and Christmas Eve


Fusilier A band that plays at the 2018 Music of the Night concert directly after Courtesan. They feature a rattle of musketry and a fife. The drummers, male and female, are in military uniform

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