Saturday 27 April 2019

Glossary Terms C

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the entries as of April; 2019


The Cabin Home of Oash the sylvan: built in a spinney so it’s virtually invisible from outside. Oash and wife Sam live there with their baby

cadeau de l'été. Gift of summer. A red gemstone found in the streams on Summer Isle in the Star Pin archipelago. It is rare and elusive and much prized for love tokens or to set in fief rings

Candy-Pash. Perfume preferred by Mish Verhoven The Kissing Ring

Cats’ Pyjamas A club in an alcove off Straw Street in Appledore in the 1980s. Calypso Lindon is an exotic dancer there. A setting in Calico Calypso. Mentioned in I Promise

The Chalklands Hob country, but close to the Courtlands

Charmed cider. Hob cider. Hob gives some to Honey, in Honey and the Harvest Hob, ​Keeley Weir provides some (made by Jem Cottman) for Jory and Linda in ​Pisky Business. Tab and Josefa have it at The Harvest Hob in Sunshower, and Gemma enjoys it in Counterpoint Questions


The cliffsChalk cliffs looking out over the ocean. Hob takes Honey there to blow away the cobwebs. Honey and the Harvest Hob
This is probably also where waterfolk go when they feel the waves. 
Clothing. Clothing plays an important role in the Fairy in the Bed series.
Some mutable fay can change their clothing, assume it or remove it instantly.

Cloud-stepper A fay horse not bound by the normal laws of physics. These are often virtual steeds belonging to manifested summer knights and midsummer nights. A very few are manifestations of solid horses. Hero and Mon Beau Cheval are both ‘steppers. An unnamed ‘stepper plays a part in Under the Christmas Tree

ConjurePixies, elves, braefolk and some others can relocate items such as clothing and blankets at will. They don't consider this as magic. Leprechauns don't do it, although it's possible they can. Galleonfee pride themselves on doing it rarely. According to Chloe Fraser in Sam and the Sylvan, they can't conjure living things although this doesn't extend to fruit

Coeur des Roses A rose maze laid out on the Isle of Summer by the de Libre family. The summerman takes Betony there in Betony Buys Adventure

Coeur des Roses pattern A china pattern spattered with gold and pink roses and hearts and every colour between. Susannah Devine de Libra had a set, and the summerman speculates that this is the set now in the true heart of the Coeur des Roses maze.

Cour d'été, Vouch-Safe café ​Pisky Business. In 2000, Linda thinks of it as a strange little café called Cour d'été,

Counterpoint Festival: A festival of music and dance held in Patterdale. The scene of the Counterpoint mini-series.

Courtesan: Musical duo comprising Court Leopold and Jordana Dane. Indie-famous. Also the name of their first, self-titled, album

Courtesan Songs: Courtesan, Summer of Fifteen-Fifty-Five, Twice in Twilight, My Father’s Ring, Homegoing, Julia
Fern of the Forest, The Hob Maid and The Rogering Song are composed by Court for Fern and Tansy

Courting cake. A heavy fruit and nut cake made by hobs to be shared. Hob gives some to Honey, in Honey and the Harvest Hob, ​Keeley Weir and Mr Trip both provide some for Jory and Linda in ​Pisky Business. ​Jem Cottman and Mr Trip both make it, as does Nathaniel Applebee in Sunshower Joan Treadwell gives some to Mal for Tom and Ryl, and Quinn Peckerdale sends some for Jordy and Chess.

The courtlands A term for the “Court” area of Over There. Ryl takes Tom there in The Kissing Ring,

Colouring up. In moments of extreme emotion, male harvest hobs exhibit colour changes. A woman pregnant with a harvest hob's baby exhibits the colour changes until delivery


Crystal. Si Bakewell uses crystals in his work as a New Age healer. His preferred method is delivering energy via hugs, but he uses crystals at the clinic to distance himself a little from clients 
Rory Inkersoll also uses crystals in his ministry. He gives one to Jisinia Peckerdale in Man Overboard

Cuckoo Clock. The song the Merriweather boys sing in four parts

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