Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Writers' Serendipity- again!

I love Writers' Serendipity. It works for me time and again. At present, I'm writing a novella for a summer series. It's also part of my own Fairy in the Bed series. I wanted to make it more accessible for one-off readers of the summer series, by using only a couple of my ongoing characters. I also wanted to shift the setting from the general Patterdale area in which many of the other books take place. I decided to use London as the jump-off setting, but then I needed a gateway. I couldn't use any of the ones I'd already invented, because they're in Australia. That's when I remembered the Stag Stone of Stag St. Martin, mentioned in passing in Counterpoint Questions which I wrote late last year. I'd already described the Stag Stone in this blog as one of the Places to Be series and when I looked back over that blog post I found I'd given  the Stag Stone some context and mused about its reputation... so, it's a gateway. Brilliant. That's the one Betony Field will use.

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