Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Tansy Thrift’s Creamware Teacups

Object Post 147: 
Tansy Thrift’s
Creamware Teacups
From Court in Between

Source: Tansy probably got them from the Cornfellows
Fate: Three of them broke when Art went berserk
Author’s Inspiration: Tea is a recurring theme in this book

She poured the tea into a squat creamware cup with a faint pattern of some kind of plant.

Tansy Thrift was a stable hob. Through a set of odd circumstances, she lived alone in the stable of a deserted manor as companion to a very special horse.
Hobs generally enjoyed a simple life, but Tansy had a set of four creamware teacups with a pattern of tansy sprigs. They were sturdy enough to withstand her exuberant halfling friend Finn, and also the frequent depredations of Art, who liked to try whatever Tansy was having.
Three of the cups came to a smashing end when Art went berserk and crashed the door, knocking table and chairs, tearing a rug and knocking Tansy flying.
It wasn’t Art’s fault and he had every excuse, but it led to a peculiar scene where Tansy, having offered tea to a visitor she was obligated to entertain, had to explain why she had just one cup.
She handed him the tea, steaming and fragrant. He looked down at the cup and recognised the design as a sprig of tansy herb. Of course.
He raised it to sip and closed his eyes with pleasure. “Aahhh.” He remembered the tea he’d had in Martina’s kitchen. It hadn’t been like this.
“Aren’t you having any?”
“I had one while I was waiting for you to finish thinking.”
“One’s never enough.”
“I know. I’ll have another one when you finish.”
He paused with the cup close to his lips. “Surely we can drink together?”
“Not unless you care to take it sip about.” She let the silence stretch before she added, “I don’t have another cup. I could conjure one from Da’s place, but they’re probably using them.”
His thoughts must have shown in his face, because she relented and said, “I did have more cups, because my friend Finn comes to drink tea with us. Or he did. I don’t think he’ll be back. Da and Ruby come sometimes to see how we are. Art smashed the shelf when you turned up and broke them. I was lucky this one was in the cask for washing.”
“We’ll share it then.” He drained half the tea, although it was hot, and gave her the cup. He thought she might object, but she nodded thanks and drank.

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