Sunday, 18 November 2018

Kissing Clay: From Valentine

Declaration of Love 2: Kissing Clay: From Valentine

Declarations of love are a staple in fiction and they vary enormously according to author, audience, characters and situation. We mostly think of such effusions as romantic. We hope they're truthful, and we hope (usually) that they'll be made and received in a positive manner. Love's not always romantic though, so not all the declarations in this sub-set will be between romantic partners. This one is from one half of a long-married couple.

Let me not be kissing clay
When I touch your feet
And when I take your hand
Do let it be cold as spring—
I wear your ring
Let me not be disappointed
When I look at you
With open eyes
At chilling three a.m.
And sleep again.

May you not regret your vow
When you lie with me.
When you see my skin unclad
May you know the truth and yet—
Not in regret
May you never feel short-changed
When you’re holding me
In later years
As lines are etched in age
On my skin’s page.

Let us never turn aside
As we wander on,
Though grey and glasses come—
When we climb the winding hill
Be loving still
Let us keep the words alive
When we speak aloud
And kisses keep
Our currency for life
As man and wife.

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