Friday 9 November 2018

Pearl the Flying Unicorn

Pearl the Flying Unicorn, published this month, is the second story about Pearl, Tweet and Olive. In this one, Pearl discovers, in a moment of stress, that she can fly, but finds it very difficult to replicate the feat. Her magic has a penchant for going wrong anyway, and it sometimes seems the more she tries the more outlandish are the results.

Pearl and her friends are unalike. Tweet the firebird is tiny. She can fly and she's inclined to get easily distracted. She giggles and makes a few words go a long way. Olive the ogre girl is big and strong with a heart as big as her appetite. Each of the three girls has talents the other two lack, and they support one another in every way. Conflict in the stories comes from Pearl's frustration when her magic goes wrong and from the gobble-uns, who are wreckers. They'd like nothing better than to turn Pearl into unicorn stew.

Pearl the Flying Unicorn is available from bookshops and also Scholastic Book Club and online. 

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