Thursday, 29 November 2018

Seven Gifts for Writers

What gift do you give a writer? An elegant pen? (She probably uses a computer.) A handsome notebook? (He probably scribbles stuff on his ATM receipt.)
So, what can you give a writer?
Here are some suggestions.
1. Buy his book brand new from a local bookshop. (Benefits - you get a book, he gets a full-price sale, the local bookshop gets a customer.)
2. Buy her book from whatever source you can if it's not available locally. (Benefits - you get the book, she gets a possibly discounted sale.)
3. Read the book. (Benefits - you are entertained.)
4. Review the book online. Don't just copy the blurb. Review the book. (Benefits - the author will be pleased. Other people might like the review, leading to knock-on sales.)
5. If you liked it, recommend the book to like-minded friends. Tell them where it can be bought. (Benefits - other people will know about an entertaining book. You will be recommending, rather than lending, which leads to sales. Why the obsession with sales? Authors enjoy eating.)
6. Take a selfie with the book. Post it wherever you post selfies. (Benefits - you are advertising the book and displaying your taste. Other like-minded people might follow suit.)
7. Get in touch with the writer and ask some specific questions. (Benefits - the author will be SO happy. Knowing someone bought a book, read it, recommended it and thought enough about it to ask questions is almost enough to make an author weep.)

Bonus 8. If you're an author or aspiring author yourself, all the above will benefit YOU. Buying a local book helps the writing industry... and a healthy industry has more room for you.

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