Saturday 10 November 2018

Emma Jane's Zoo

Object Post 139: Emma Jane's Zoo

Motive: To do an important thing like other in the family
Result: Chaos

Into the boot went snail!

Emma Jane was the determined child of a determined family. Mountain-climbing, singing, and shoe-mending were just a few of their activities. Emma Jane, wanting to be important too, decided

That she would have a zoo.
To make a zoo she needed some animals to keep…

Thus begun Emma Jane’s collection, appropriation and occasional kidnapping of animals ranging from a frog in the pond through a snail to a cat named Horrid Howard to a huge dog, a goat and a bull. Emma Jane put each inmate in a suitable receptacle; a boot, a cupboard, the loo…
When discovered by her outraged family, Emma Jane was impelled to return the animals to their original locations and, one hopes, the receptacles to their original state.
It was fun while it lasted.
This story was based on something that really happened, kind of, sort of. My children, aged about five and two, had a big red plastic crate. One day I found them peering into it with great concentration. In it was a mix of earth and leaf mould.
 “What’s this?” I asked.
My daughter pointed into the box and answered with one definite word.
Oh. A story was born.


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