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The Sausage Situation

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The Sausage Situation- 2006 (Post 215)

The Sausage Situation is the sixth story in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series. Jack has an interesting situation on his paws when he gets mixed up with a bewildering case that centres on sausages.

Foxie is on a diet, as decreed by Auntie Tidge. This is not surprising as Foxie will and does eat just about anything that is not nailed down. Meanwhile, Jack has things on his mind.  
When Auntie Tidge takes delivery of lots of boxes of sausages, Foxie is delighted, until Caterina Smith takes them all away. Foxie is determined that Jack must solve the case of the stolen sausages, but Jack, for once, isn't sure there even is a case. He and Foxie join Lord Red, Auntie Tidge, Sarge, Caterina Smith, Polly and just about everyone else at the Doggeroo Dog and Sausage Day. There are sausages galore, and plenty of schemes and drooling dogs, but is there really a thief?

Well, yes. There's a thief all right. Jack solves the case, but he still has other things on his mind. When will Sarge take him to visit his friend Jill Russell?

Also available on triple CD (along with The Buried Biscuits and The Kitnapped Creature) from Bolinda Audio, read by the wonderful Alan King.

This story, along with the usual dog puns and fun, shows Sarge and Auntie Tidge now fully integrated in Doggeroo society. Foxie, although better loved than he has ever been in his life, still can't quite escape his street-dog fear of being without.

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