Friday, 4 August 2017

Fowl Play

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Fowl Play- 2008 (Post 218)

Fowl Play is the ninth story in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series. Jack and Foxie have problems with hens and Jack has a close encounter with a not-dog.

Fowl play in Doggeroo! Auntie Tidge and her friends buy some chooks. When you mix fowls and dogs, you get pan-dog-monium with added hen-sterics.

When the chooks are attacked, the dogs are blamed-- but Jack's super-sniffer detects something strange in the air. With Foxie flipping out, and Sarge and Preacher spending far too much time with new friends, who will help Jack crack the case of FOWL PLAY? Meanwhile, Ralf Boxer is under siege from the ruthless rooster...

Fowl Play is the only one of the Jack series that has not been published by Kane Miller. This has led to some confusion about numbering as American readers number the books 1-11 rather than 1-12. 


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