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The Kitnapped Creature

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The Kitnapped Creature- 2007 (Post 217)

The Kitnapped Creature is the eighth story in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series. Jack meets an old foe and is joined by a new companion this time around. 

Someone is imprisoned in a horrible cage, but why is Jack trying to get caught by Ranger Johnny Wolf? What is Foxie up to? And just who is sharing Jack's basket these days? It's his little son Preacher, whose mother is Jill Russell.
Everything is fine in Doggeroo until Sarge falls ill. Auntie Tidge is at hand to look after Jack and Preacher, but Foxie is being disagreeable (again). When will Sarge be back?
In no time, Jack has both a case and a moral dilemma-- or even two.  Is it right to leave his most dangerous enemy trussed up in a cage? And, who will mind the boy while he's off detecting? The creature of the title is none other than the Awful Pawful from the book of that name.

Also available on triple CD (along with The Sausage Situation and The Buried Biscuits) from Bolinda Audio, read by the wonderful Alan King.

The little dog on the cover here is our very own Preacher, son of Ace. The other dog in the picture never met our Preacher in the flesh but the magic of Photoshop makes it look as if it did. So, why the name "Preacher"? My co-writer Darrel chose it. He was on hand when Preacher, the only boy in our Ace's litter, was born. Since the Jack Russell Terrier breed is named after Parson John (Jack) Russell who bred himself a pack of sturdy hunt terriers, it seemed fitting that our little cobber should have this name. When we decided to give the dog detective a pup of his own, we simply transplanted the name, the personality and the appearance. 

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