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Bush Rescue

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Bush Rescue- 2015 (Post 222)

Bush Rescue is book  2 in the Pup Patrol series.

Stamp and James are on the road again and they've brought their new friend Ace along. Stamp is happy to have a new friend, but no one has taught Ace any manners! It's up to James and Stamp to show her how to behave - if only she would listen! 

When Daisy Ado the Cockatoo flies into the Fourby, James decides to return her to her owner. But what's that smoky smell on the wind? There's a bushfire coming to the town of Jasper, and the local vet has his hands full. Will James, Stamp and Ace be able to save all the town pets in Jasper? 

As with the Pet Vet and Jack Russell series, we had a lot of fun with the character and place names. We named Daisy Ado, the cockatoo, from two sources- the song "Daisy a Day" and the character Daisy Adair in "Dead Like Me". Daisy always introduced herself as "Daisy. Daisy Adair" in a kind of reverse-James-Bond, and we thought.... oh well, you get the picture. The town of Jasper is named after Jasper, one of our dogs. Although we'd decided to have a completely new cast of characters (aside from our core three) in each book, we introduced a girl in this one who reappeared in Book 3. After all, James is a friendly and personable young man, so why wouldn't he make friends with a capable country girl?


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