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The Awful Pawful

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The Awful Pawful- 2006 (Post 214)

The Awful Pawful is the fifth story in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series. This one finds Jack facing a terror that has all the dogs in Doggeroo hiding under the beds...

Fear comes to Doggeroo! Mysterious attacks are leaving dogs with sore, bleeding noses, but when Jack tries to investigate the witnesses keep schtum. What is so bad that Polly, Jill Russell, the Squekes and Shuffle can't speak of it? Even Fat Molly is too frightened to fight with Jack. And then Jack himself has a close encounter with the Awful Pawful. Something must be done. Jack's the dog to do it, but is anyone brave enough to help him out?

The Awful Pawful is also available as an audio book from Bolinda Audio Books.

This story has one of my favourite covers of the whole series, and is often the one children write to us about. We had a lot of fun naming animals in thr Jack series. SHuffle was chosen because it rhymes with the more obvious "Snuffle". (We tried not to be obvious.) Polly Smote was named after a pretty little mini dachshund we used to see while we were out walking, Fat Molly was named after our son's girlfriend's (now wife's) grumpy cat, and the Squekes, again, because "squeaks" would be obvious. The Squekes' actual breed is never mentioned, but they are obviously allied with pekingese. They act in triplicate. We had so much fun with the Awful Pawful that we brought him back for an encore performance in a later title.

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