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The Untold Story of Ms Mirabella

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The Untold Story of Ms Mirabella (2013) (Post 228)

The Untold Story of Ms Mirabella is another short book I did for an educational publisher. I was given the title and a word count. 

Rosalyn and William's teacher, Ms Mirabella, sets them an assignment about running. They decide to do some research by talking to Rosalyn's Uncle Mike who is running a big race. They go along to watch him run, and who should they see but Ms Mirabella, who is also competing in the race.

The kids learn a few things about prejudices and the reader, with luck, learns a few things about fitness and endeavour. There is no supposition that Ms Mirabella expects to win, or even to place, but she's out there at sixty-plus having a go. 

The story was inspired by my husband's and my entries in the City2Surf race for three consecutive years. We didn't run together, because he was a lot faster than I was. We started together and parted company at the foot of Heartbreak Hill. For a while there I was running alongside one of the Legends, a gentleman who had run every single City2Surf since its inception. On another race (we entered three times) I ran alongside a man who looked like the Dalai Lama. He was having a wonderful time. another time I ran near a father who was coaching his young daughter through the fourteen km. It was great fun, and I enjoyed reliving the experience with Ms Mirabella.


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