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The Ham Heist

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The Ham Heist- 2010 (Post 220)

The Ham Heist is the twelfth book in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series.

Jack's person, Sarge, is getting married, but Jack is more interested in guarding the whole huge ham from hopeful ham-heisters. Poor Preacher is still frightened of dog-boggarts, and his mother Jill insists Jack must solve the problem. What's a dog detective to do? Plenty! And as Jack says, the best cases always begin and end with ham.

The little dog on the cover here is our very own Preacher, son of Ace.

Knowing this was going to be the last book in the series, we decided to do something different again. We returned squarely to the doc-centric crime... this time, a fine sliced ham vanishes from Sarge and Caterina's wedding banquet. Jack and the gang follow up the clues, with Foxie firmly in the frame. (He has form.) The innocent Foxie isn't happy. We solved the crime towards the end of the book, leaving a final chapter to reunite Jack with his daughters as swell as many old friends. There is a very special guest--someone Jack has mentioned before but whom we haven't met. We also broke another of our self-imposed rules for the series and introduced a child character in a large role. The story ended with a very cheerful bang.

So, we turned in the manuscript and got a friendly request for a rewrite. Our chosen ham-thief would NOT DO. Therefore, we had to insert a new suspicious character and re-route the clues to point to this late-comer.


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