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Farm Rescue

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Farm Rescue- 2015 (Post 221)

Farm Rescue is the first book in the Pup Patrol series.

Initially, we pitched a series about a kelpie, but the publisher preferred a border collie, so we switched to that. Our idea was to make a change from our Jack Russell and Pet Vet series. Since Jack was probably better known and more successful than Pet Vet, we returned to the male dog with a male master model. The changes came from the fact that Stamp was a big pup rather than a young dog, and James was a nineteen year old rather than a young professional or an established police officer. In the first two series, place was important. Doggeroo and Cowfork were communities with characters who came and went into one another's stories. We sent James and Stamp off on a year-long working holiday, so each story takes place in a different setting. Their base of operations is the Fourby, James' trusty vehicle.

We also decided that rather than cases (medical or detective) we'd have adventures, set off by naturally occurring phenomena. 

The first adventure is Farm Rescue...

Stamp is having a pawfectly wonderful time travelling around the country with James in the Fourby 4WD and then it starts to rain. And rain and rain and rain. It rains until the Fourby is all muddy, James's hair is damp and Stamp starts to smell like wet dog! It rains so much that they have to stop at Pepper Plains Farm for somewhere warm and dry to stay. But all the rains making the river rise. Will James and Stamp be able to help the folks at Pepper Plains Farm?
At the end of the story, James and Stamp visit Dr Jeannie and Trump at Cowfork. Jeannie and James are cousins, so this is a natural encounter. Dr Jeannie has a cranky little dog who needs rehoming... enter Ace, who is going to really shake up James and Stamp's cosy masculine world.


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