Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2013) (Post 229)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth... Okay, okay, but at least I gave the school teacher in it the name Mr Verne. This was another commission, in which I was given a length and a subject and then given my head. As usual, I made it as much of a story as I could.  Todd and Cai are told by their new teacher to get ready to go to the Centre. They assume he means the Interactive Learning Centre but instead, they travel by rocket to Iceland and... wheeeee. They learn about the Earth's layers on the way. It's a field trip in a million! Today, while seeing if this book has an internet presence (unlike A Nifty Nest it has) I discovered a Spanish language edition called Viaje al centro de la tierra. The things you find on the internet, eh? (And no, I don't speak Spanish.)


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