Saturday 15 June 2019

The Pixie Forest

The Pixie Forest is a place which appears in the Fairy in the Bed series.  If you go through the gateway in the copse near Peckerdale-Grene Community Tower, you'll probably find yourself in the forest. It is a big place, although size and distance are mutable over there. The general appearance is of a woodland or bush, with a good assortment of trees, ranging from mature giants to saplings. The forest density varies too, with clearings, lightly wooded areas and some so dense it's difficult to see the sky. There are paths through the forest, but some inhabitants ignore these and go through the trees. Like distance, direction is somewhat mutable, but if you go through that particular gateway, which is generally called the pixie forest gate, then you can turn left to head the green way where the leprechaun villages are. If you veer right, you'll find the chalk hills and the you can go slightly left to the courtlands. Going more or less straight ahead from the gateway will take you to the braelands, while going right brings you to the falls. Beyond the green way lie the valleys.

The pixie forest is a lovely place with a pleasant climate. Sweetwood trees grow there, lending their honey-mango scent to the air. You're likely to get lost without a guide, but that doesn't matter much. Any passing treefolk lad or maid will take you back to the gate.

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