Tuesday, 18 June 2019

First Hundred Words of Sir Norah Nocknolly

Here be the first hundred words of Sir Norah Nocknolly. This is a text I wrote a while ago...

Sir Norah Nocknolly was a sensible knight.

She rode a fierce bad pony named Samantha.
She flew a gentle dragon named Bling.
Sir Norah lived in a castle with a moat and a spiked front door, painted pink.
She wore grumpy armour, with daisies on the helm.
Other knights were confused, but the townsfolk loved her.
‘Ask Sir Norah!’ they said when they needed knightly deeds.
Consequently, Norah was always busy.
When the rampaging, rumbustious Dastardly Dragon of Doom roared down from the hills, looking for trouble, the townsfolk called Sir Norah.
            ‘Fix it, please!’ they said.
            Sensibly, Norah sent her gentle dragon, Bling, to teach the Dastardly Dragon of Doom some proper manners.

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