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Object post: Liz Bakewell's Daisies Forever ring

Liz Bakewell’s
Daisies Forever Ring
Source: Joe Bakewell gave it to Liz Sherry, using a one-off charm from his grandfather Portier Grene
Significance: It allowed Joe and Liz to occupy the same room in Mistress Hall’s Hostel
Fate: On Liz’s finger. She’ll never part with it.
Author’s inspiration:  It was inspired by Liz’s daisy hat
Appeared in? The Pixie Grip

He held out the ring he’d taken from his pocket. It was a gold circlet carved with tiny flowers.

When Joe Bakewell met Liz Sherry at the beach in the holiday town of Marram, they found in immediate connection. Both were musical, warm-hearted and affectionate. They could cap one another’s quotes. They were so engrossed in conversation that they nearly got cut off by the tide.
Since they were both heading for the same music festival at Macquarie Bay, they decided to travel together. Liz invited Joe to shower in her room at Clarice Hall’s hostel while she packed for the trip to Music at Macquarie.  
Maybe Joe could get a room at the hostel? Since Joe’s budget was more attuned to camping out, they came up with a compromise. It was 1962, so male roommates were out…but maybe a fiancĂ© could slide in under Mrs Hall’s kindly radar.
Joe produced the daisy ring and the deed was done.
When their golden wedding rolled around in 2012, Joe made his annual offer to update the daisy ring to something more sober and more in keeping with Liz’s status as a niche-famous folk singer, grandmother and the wife of a semi-retired mathematics tutor. Liz responded by singing him a folksong in middle English the burden of which went something like this… Nay, sayeth thatte womynge.

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