Wednesday 5 June 2019

Picture Perfect

The use of stock art in genre covers is widespread, and authors, and readers, understand that it's difficult to get an exact match between characters as described and the available models. One of my series is probably more difficult than some because the characters aren't all human and don't all dress in contemporary-style clothing. In the case of my Christmas romance Under the Christmas Tree, I was lucky enough to have the cover before the story was finalised, so I was able to write in a tiny extra scene which introduced my characters dresses exactly as the models are and doing exactly what the models are doing. I'm pleased about that. 

Meanwhile, she and Ancel had the task of decorating the great Christmas tree in the ballroom. Suzette had on a red gown, which she hoped presented the right festive air. It was quite different from anything she usually wore, but Ancel’s eyes had brightened when he beheld it...
“Where is Yvanne? I thought she’d help with the tree.”
“Maman sent her on an errand.”
“It’s to do with Maman’s and Papa’s wedding gift to you, so don’t ask any more questions.”
“They don’t need to give me a gift. They’re giving me you.”
She giggled at his languishing look, then put her hand on her hip, sniffed, and said tartly, “I am giving myself to you.

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