Sunday 16 June 2019

The Green Way

The Green Way is a place over there in my Fairy in the Bed series. As with most of the places or regions over there, the green way is partly a location and partly a descriptive of a state of mind or being. If a character says he wants to find a wife in the green way, he may mean he wants to go to the leprechaun villages near the pixie forest to visit the colleens there, or he may mean he wants to find a woman with similar heritage or outlook to his own. The physical green way comprises many villages. Those so far visited or mentioned in the series include Shamrock Village (Keiran Shamrock from The Courting of Eileen and Floribunda and the Best Men lives there with his wife Tally), Horseshoe Village, where Liffey Rosheen  lives in the Counterpoint mini-series, Fiddle Town, mentioned in Sam and the Sylvan, KerryKenny, where Alex and Oison live in Love Began at Christmas, Paddytown,  Clodagh, and Crock o' Gold. There are undoubtedly others. Erin a' Fee is also a village in the green way, but it is a long way from the pixie forest. There is also a green way village on Bodhran Island, although it's not lived in full time. It goes by the name of Sráidbhaile an Ghrá

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