Thursday, 13 June 2019

Hundred words Eeeny Meeny

I've been playing with the first 100 words of some of my books. To avoid cutting off in the middle of a sentence, I'll go to 100 and then add the rest of the sentence in question. Here's the first hundred words of EENY MEENY

Many years ago, a pirate ship called the Red Queen sailed into Purple Bay. She was full to the rails with pirates, ropes, cutlasses, and a huge brass-bound chest bulging with treasure.
 The treasure chest rested on the deck, just near the main mast. Its lid was open to reveal bags of coins, piles of gold, ropes of pearls and heaps of coloured gems.
 The paymaster, whose name was Red Ned, stood beside it, cleaning his nails with his cutlass. ‘Well, hurry up, me hearties!’ he said. ‘Time to divvy up the spoils before we hit the shops.’
 ‘Wait,’ said the captain, who was called Red Roy, tapping his best peg-leg thoughtfully on the deck.

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