Monday, 17 June 2019

First Hundred Words May's Plum Pudding

I've been playing with the first hundred words of some of my books and stories. It's not always 100 because I avoid breaking sentences. Here's the first salvo from MAY'S PLUM PUDDING, which will be out soon.

May and Mama always spent Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa. They all went carol singing on Christmas Eve, but this year there was a change. Grandma took May out with the lantern while Mama stayed with Grandpa and her friend Mr Slate. When May and Grandma came home, with their noses red with cold and their throats dry from singing in the frosty air, Cook gave them a hot posset. The posset made May sneeze, but she slept well in Grandma’s spare feather bed. In the morning she opened her stocking before church. Then came Christmas lunch with a turkey and roast potatoes, and a fine plum pudding with a sprig of holly on top.

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