Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Athen Bard

Athen Bard from  Under the Waterfall  Character Post 16

Athen Bard is the second child and only son of Mem, who rules a Damerie in the land of Sisterin. As a boy, Athen left home as soon as he was old enough, and took up the respectable crede of barding. He tramps through Sisterin, gathering news and tales, and telling them at the Dameries. Most of the damas of Sisterin have nothing to do with their boichildren once they are of age to take up a crede, but Mem is kind, and occasionally makes time to give Athen a few personal words.
Although proud of his skills and his social standing, Athen wears survivor's guilt, for his sister Corayo, Mem's heir, was killed in a carriage accident.  Athen therefore works as hard and as well as he can in reparation for being unable to save her. Then, one day, he meets a girl who can barely speak or understand. She has no crede, and no sponsors. Because she resembles his dead sister, Athen tries to help her. He tutors her in how to present herself as a null, or simpleton; someone who may be cared for by kindly passers-by. Corrie, as she calls herself, is a burden, but Athen cares for her as well as he can. As they gradually begin to understand one another, Corrie tells him a bewildering story and he begins to wonder if he has been lied to, and if possibly his true sister is still alive. 
Athen occasionally wonders why girls who have two-colour trades while he is a three-colour bard are so far above him socially. Nevertheless, he accepts his culture for what it is. He has a strong work ethic, a strong sense of duty and a desire to help in any way he can. He's a son any mother would be proud of and, in her way, Mem is.

Athen Bard is one of the two POV characters in Under the Waterfall.  


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