Wednesday 10 July 2019

The Mystery of the Missing N

I'm pondering the mystery of the missing N.
Well, it's not utterly missing, but certainly obvious in its lack of prevalence.
Of 169 surnames in a book series, some letters never appear at the start of any of the surnames.
Those MIA are, as one might expect, UXYZ and... N. Even I and Q score 2 names each!

The plot thickens.

In case you're interested (you're probably not) here are the surname-initial scores.

N U X Y Z  - zero entries each
I J Q V - two entries each
K W - three entries each
E R - four entries each
O - five entries
G - six entries
P - nine entries
M - ten entries
L T - eleven entries each
F H S - thirteen entries each
A - fourteen entries
B - fifteen entries
D - eighteen entries
C - nineteen entries

That did surprise me. The C-folk are called...
Caffrey, Canterbury, Carpenter, Cassidy, Chalk, Chance, Chancery, Charming, 
Cliff, Clover, Cobbler, Comice, Connemara, Corneau, Cornfellow, Cottman,   Cowrie, Creed, Curry

Note to self - investigate surnames beginning with N...

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