Saturday 13 July 2019

Reading for Pleasure; advantages for children

Reading for pleasure is of value for kids (in my opinion) for at least the following reasons:
·       It’s a quiet activity. With all the noise going on, a bit of silence is good for the soul.
·       It’s a quiet activity. Parents and other carers run ragged with noise and fuss welcome it when kids can sit quietly and read.
·       It’s portable. If you have a book and sufficient light, you don’t need to be “connected”.
·       Kids can choose their own kind of story. A reader might be absorbing something that is of no interest to the rest of the family.
·       Reading can be taken as, when, as fast, as slow… as required.
·       Reading probably gives children a wider range of examples of personality and themes than most other media.
·       Books read and enjoyed in childhood can be revisited later. They often also live on in  readers’ memories as childhood friends.

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