Wednesday 17 July 2019

Quoting Pia

Pia, freshly emancipated from parental control (though still motivated by love and good sense to let her parents know she won't be home to supper) is enjoying a night on her blanket under the stars when she wakes to find someone has joined her.

Peter, who has been dumped by his human girlfriend over a cultural difference of opinion, is in need of some kindness and company. Pia's happy to provide that, but she has conditions...

Mind, this offer stands only if your human maid really doesn’t want to see you again," Pia said. "There’s no point in me making you happy if it makes someone else unhappy. If she’s of a resurgent nature the offer is off the table and you’re to get off my blanket.”

Pia and Peter appear in The Pixie Grip

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