Saturday 20 July 2019

Betony Buys Adventure

Betony Field has stuck by the rules and paid her dues while life with a capital L passed her by. A few days before her thirty-fifth birthday, her boyfriend calls it quits, she loses her job, and also her flat. She recovers her life, sans boyfriend, but then Betony decides to blow some of her rainy-day fund on the adventure of her life. There must be a catch, but in the meantime, should she tick the yes box offering sexy fun?

Betony Buys Adventure is a part of the Fairy in the Bed series, and also a part of the Scorched Souls summer series. It fits in with the FitB series in that at least one of the characters is fay, but that's not all. Although it's the first book to be set in the UK and also in the star pin, it ties back to the Counterpoint miniseries in that Stag St  Martins and the Stag Stone, mentioned briefly in connection with Daniel Fanshaw's family, plays a pivotal role here. Also, Mab and Derry, main characters in Horizontal Bunny Hop and supporting characters in Man Overboard also play a role. I had a lot of fun inventing the star pin setting, and Betony Buys Adventure turned out to be one of my favourites.

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