Sunday 7 July 2019

Quoting Hamish

Floribunda Rose Alexandris, who is (well, why not?) a florist, is on her way back from doing the flowers at someone else's wedding with a couple of stranded fairies in her van. When the snow gets too heavy and they run off the road, they settle in the back of the van to wait until morning. Flori passes the time by asking Hamish, a braesider, whether she, as a human, can go into over there. He says she can...

“Not on your own, but any fairy can take you and bring you back. And before you ask, time passes the same and eating or drinking won’t commit you to anything. No one will cast a spell on you, make you wade through bluid to the knee, or turn you into a donkey.”
“That’s not what the ballads say.”
“Fairies are not what the ballads say. Ballads are woven out of a leaf of fact into a tree of fancy..."

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