Monday, 8 July 2019

Quoting Rory

Peter G is a young man with a dilemma. Something he observed between the gatekeeper Dara Treadwell and her intended, Arthur, has made him look at his relationship with his love, Gentian, in a different way. Mistress Dandelion, a chilly apothecary, gets into the situation and Peter flees to ask advice from his old friend Rory. He explains the whole tangle to Rory who, as a vicar, is bound to silence. Rory finds it difficult too, but finally he comes to a conclusion which he says might not only help Peter and Gentian, but also a potential challenge of his own.

I try to do what’s right, but sometimes what’s right for one is wrong for another. You’ve just helped me to see the best thing to do in most cases is the kindest thing. 

Rory and Peter G appear in several of my books, but usually as peripheral characters.

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