Tuesday 8 January 2019

Tansy Thrift's Uppity Git Letter

Object Post 151 Tansy Thrift's Uppity Git Letter

Source: Written by Gervais Almaclair in response to a request by Finn Rivers
Significance: It demonstrates how well-meant epistles can be taken the wrong way
Fate: Tansy wanted to squish it but she retained it long enough to show Court Leopold
Your friend Finn Rivers has explained your situation to me in the hope that I can help you.

Tansy Thrift was in a difficult situation. Nearly seven years ago, she’d accepted the care of a changeling foal she’d named Artemisia. She’d known from the start that Art would eventually go to his real master, the d’Chevalier scion, but Tansy had no idea who he was. Her friend Finn Rivers went to a great deal of trouble to find out for her. This was Finn’s farewell gift, after a fashion, as he expected to be less in Tansy’s company now he was grown up.
Since Finn wasn’t in the position to find the information himself, he sent word by various means to Gervais Almaclair, whom he thought might know the d’Chevalier scion. Gervais didn’t, and he was heavily involved in arranging a festival, so he passed on the task to a friend who ran an enquiry agency. Having discovered some details, the detective reported back and Gervais wrote a letter to Tansy to explain what was known.
 Rather unfortunately, Gervais wrote his epistle in the formal courtfolk manner and Tansy, a stable hob with good reason not to be too pleased with courtfolk men, categorised him as an uppity git.
She read the letter, but paused frequently to express her forceful opinion.

“…since you have been put in this situation by courtfolk, I feel a kind of responsibility for your wellbeing.”
“Oh, do you indeed!” Tansy snapped. She wanted to crumple the letter. Finn had meant to do her a favour. She had been grateful for his inspiration and his efforts. But did he have to find such an annoying person to deliver it?
Gervais Almaclair indeed. What kind of a name is Almaclair?

Tansy kept the letter to show to the scion when he finally turned up…

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