Monday 21 January 2019

Fee Kaffee

Place Post 17
Fee Kaffee

Where? In Patterdale
Who Went There? Tab and Josefa frequented it in Sunshower and half the cast went there in Court in Between and the two Counterpoint books
Fee Kaffee was built at some time after the 1980s. For the past several years it has been owned and run by Martina Bless, a handsome alpenfee m├Ądchen in her thirties. Martina has a round face and dimples and wears her luxuriant brown hair in a milkmaid braid. She dresses for work in a dirndl and blouse.
Martina has a touch of the sight which makes some of Fee Kaffee’s patrons nervous. Others go there especially to pick up any insight Martina might be willing to share.

As its name implies, Fee Kaffee specialises in coffee. Martina serves kaffee schnapps and gives her favoured fay customers a particularly good coffee. She won’t say where it comes from. She has expressed regret that she doesn’t have a hob baker, but she does serve some interesting cakes. A popular one is alpenkuchen, a confection of chocolate cake covered with a shiny white coat to represent snow. Even fancier is alpentorte which Court Leopold passes on when eating a late supper. One with the wafer layers and staggering clouds of cream must be the alpentorte, but he wasn’t going to cut into that. It was such an undisciplined cake. Cut a slice of that and it might prove impossible to get his mouth around it.

Apart from the fancy cake, more homely fare such as soup, sturdy ryebread and herb-speckled cheese can be ordered.
Martina is quite likely to conjure orders and menus when she’s in a hurry, and she will also provide a glamour if she thinks patrons need privacy.
The cafe has some open-air seating it the pretty garden, which has room for a temporary stage. Martina lives in a cottage behind it.

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