Monday, 14 January 2019

Foxie’s Sausages by Right

Object Post 155

Sausages by Right
From The Sausage Situation
Source: Originally from the sausage factory not far from Doggeroo
Significance: Foxie was devoted to food, and he also had a strong possessive streak

‘Sausages!’ said Foxie. He jumped up and scooted back to his own yard.
Foxie was an expert at scenting food, especially sausages. When Mr Beale the butcher delivered a consignment of sausages to Auntie Tidge, Foxie caused mayhem. As Jack put it;

There were boxes scattered on the ground. One had burst open. Foxie had his head right inside it, and I could hear him guzzling and gulping.
I didn’t need a nose map to tell me Foxie was feasting on sausages.

The sausages were intended for the Doggeroo Dog and Sausage Day, but Foxie strongly believed that any food on the ground was his by right. Since the boxes of sausages had landed on the ground, Foxie was convinced they all belonged to him.
Foxie was still grumbling about the sausage situation two days later.
‘Those sausages are mine by right,’ he kept saying. ‘They were on the ground in my terrier-tory!’
‘I know. You were guzzling them,’ I said.
‘I only had three. Auntie Tidge hid the rest before she let me out of the shed.’
‘That’s so you wouldn’t eat them all at once and be sick.’ I was tired of hearing about the sausage situation. I had other things on my mind.

Since the sausages were taken away, Foxie started plotting… The Dog and Sausage Day turned into a full-blown sausage situation, complete with thefts, rumours, suspected dognapping and a mad plan that only Foxie could have conceived.

After all, the sausages were his by right.

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