Wednesday 9 January 2019

Colliding Worlds 6. Fat Molly

Colliding Worlds 6 Fat Molly

I love to play with colliding worlds. It sounds violent, but it's just another name for networlds. I write quite a lot of stories in different series, genres and at different levels. Sometimes, just for fun, I let my worlds collide.

Some other colliding worlds posts have been about characters or objects from one of my books showing up in a book from a different series. Others are more of a case of reality intruding on fiction. That's what happened when my husband I were writing the Jack Russell series. Our daughter-in-law owned a cat, known to her family as Fat Molly. What can I say? We totally stole the name. That's all.

The real Fat Molly was black. In the Jack series, Fat Molly is a white cat who belongs to Kitty Booker, the librarian. Here's a small excerpt featuring Molly, Jack, the narrator, and Jack's pal Foxie. Auntie Tidge is Foxie's owner and Jack's second favourite person at this time.

‘You haven’t been eating cat food, have you?’ I asked. (My super-sniffer told me that he had.)

Foxie dropped the boot. ‘I haven’t had breakfast, either.’
‘That’s pawful!’ I said. ‘You’re not sick are you? You’re not dying?’
‘It’s Fat Molly’s fault,’ grumbled Foxie. ‘Kitty Booker has her on a diet.’
‘What’s that got to do with you?’
‘Auntie Tidge has put me on a diet too!’ snapped Foxie. ‘She won’t give me special biscuits until I lose weight!’
Fat Molly came pussyfooting into my yard, waving her crooked tail. She sat down to lick herself.
Of course, I jack-yapped at her. ‘Scat cat!’ I yapped. ‘Scat fat cat!’
Fat Molly glared at me with her green eyes, and flicked a ragged ear. She said something terrier-ably rude, with spits in it. Then she rolled on Foxie’s old boot.

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