Saturday 19 January 2019

A Work in Progress: Gemma and Henry

Declarations of Love: Post 11. 
A Work in Progress: Gemma and Henry

Declarations of love are a staple in fiction and they vary enormously according to author, audience, characters and situation. We mostly think of such effusions as romantic. We hope they're truthful, and we hope (usually) that they'll be made and received in a positive manner. Love's not always romantic though, so not all the declarations in this sub-set will be between romantic partners. This one is a comment from a young man who has fallen for  his girl and who wants it to last forever.

Corin Peckerdale, who has been very much tried in this particular book, and just walked into the tea room where Henry and Gemma are having a bit of M-rated fun. Since this is his second loved-up couple in a tea room for the day, and since he sees no chance of a happy ever after for himself, Corin is exasperated. However, he's a kindly person, so he says:

"Shall I put up a Do Not Disturb sign so you can finish what you were doing?”
Sarcasm was lost on Henry. He said, “Thanks, but it’s not the sort of thing you finish. We’re a work in progress, and now we’d better go. We have a phone call to make.”
Corin closed his brilliant eyes and slowly shook his head.

This little scene is from Counterpoint Answers, which will be out, luck permitting, later in 2019.

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