Friday, 11 January 2019

Recycled Sally's

Recycled Sally'sPlace Post 16

Where? In Patterdale
Who went there? Josefa McCord worked there

Recycled Sally’s is a vintage clothing shop in Patterdale. It is run, reasonably enough, by a young woman named Sally who specialises in high-end pieces. Nothing in Recycled Sally’s is much more modern than the early 1990s and a lot of the stock dates from the 1960s and 1970s. Sally prides herself that her pieces are all wearable. Apart from the authentic vintage clothing, she stocks some good-quality retro and repro and also some costumes. Since all these are made from the closest materials available, they’re not cheap.
Sally and her assistant Josefa wear pieces from stock. They get along well, and negotiate shifts to fit in with one another. Sally sometimes goes on buying trips to estate sales so she has a van fitted with hanging rails. The shop itself is small but it has a large stock room at the back. One wall is mirrored and large free-standing looking glasses enable patrons to see a rear view as well.
Recycled Sally's shows up in Sunshower and Sam and the Sylvan

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